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I do not know how to make my movie clip button, so that when users click on it, it proceeds them to the next frame in the main movie. I don’t know how to do this. (Not in the movie clip button.) If anyone can help me, please reply! =)

I think you are making a button that goes to the next frame in the movie correct?

Place a goto action on the button that goes to next frame. That should do it.

JDarrow is correct, and here is a little more detail:

  1. If you only want to advance one frame at a time, you will, of course, need a stop() on each frame.
  2. The code to add to your button:

on(press) {

You don’t need a stop on each frame, you can just have it gotandstop.

There is a radio button you press thats either gotoandplay or gotandstop.

Just saying an easier way =)

I have a problem though. I’ve tried the gotoandplay, but it doesn’t goto the next frame of the main movie it goes to the next frame of the movie button. :-\

The main movie is refered as the _root., or the _parent. clip. Simply put

_root.gotoAndPlay (aFrame) ;
_root.nextFrame () ;

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