Help im a n00b

uhhhh i was hopen someone where i could find the snap modifer button is and if someone could give me a pic of all the buttons and what they do or a tutorial of where the buttons are and what they do thx

buttons in what program? this is a random section…

I think he’s talking about Flash buttons

Well. there is a common library of buttons, but they don’t do anything on their own. Buttons can be created from scratch which also do nothing on their own. The code that you place on buttons in the “button Actions panel” is what does all the work.

as for “snap” There are a number of snap settings.

A) “snap to object” is located in your “edit” menu

B) “snap to grid” is located in “edit/grid” menu


c) “snap to guide” is located in the “edit” menu too if I’m not mistaken.

In MX it is

View/Snap to Pixels
View/Snap to Objects
View/Grid/Snap to Grid
View/Guides/Snap to Guides

I think it’s “View” in 5.0 also… oops :stuck_out_tongue:

well… some people only have one question. I wish I only had one question. I’d know a lot if I did.

he’ll be back… everyone has questions. :slight_smile:

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