Help! I'm looking for a font

HELP! I’m looking for a font that has that verdana roundish look but a bit more squarish and futuristic. I’ve been looking for this font for days and can’t find any font even close to what I want.

I know it’s hard to understand what I’m trying to say, please go here if you have some time to spare…

Thank you for reading this. if you can help me in anyway, advice, info, please contact me through that page there… Thank you.

.:: midas_6 ::.

Hey Midas6,
I don’t know exactly which font that is, but try the following links to download fonts in general:

check out fontalicious fonts! rocks the house all night long hey!

Just go back to the site you saw the font and e-mail the webmaster and ask for it. That’s what I did when I was looking for a font that didn’t have.

One of my favourite font site is

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