Help! I'm stuck in module 3

I am reading FrontPage 2002, and I am stuck! I am on page 68, “Hyperlinking to Other Pages”, and I can not open the hyperlink.htm file. I have downloaded the files from, and this is on my c<img src= ALT=":"> program files. I also downloaded the winzip program, and it is also in the program files folder. They also appear on my FrontPage Web as and

For some reason, I am unable to open this file, and I have not had trouble with any of the exercises leading up to this. I am not computer-wise, but I thought if I went nice and slow, I could figure this out. But I’m stuck! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

John Chapman
Lake Oswego, Oregon

you downloaded win-zip? did you install WinZip? If you did, then you have to “unzip” them. Open up the folder that contains the files and Now, double click on the .zip files and the WinZip program should open. Then select any files that are in the “zipped” package, and click the “Extract to” button. This will place the “.html” files onto your harddrive so that you can open them using Frontpage

Thank you. It worked.
Perhaps you should change your name from “I am not Jubba”, to “I can help lame-brains open their files”. I appreciate your help. Best of luck.

lol, just saw this today. Good, glad I could be of help. Let us know when whatever it is you are creating is uploaded…