HELP! jpeg's distorting when rotated - no idea why

Hi all
This is a bit of an odd problem. I have created a movie of 1 frame that will act as a home page. On this page are several buttons that, when moused-over, will change the color of adjacent jpegs (jpegs are each incorporated into their own movie clip). I changed the color of the jpegs within the MC’s using the ‘Color: Advanced’ tween option. Each of the jpegs within the MC’s had been rotated slightly for effect.

When I initially published the swf, everything worked fine and the jpegs changed color exactly as they should. Below I have included a cut-down example of this (mouse-over the word ‘images’ to see):

I then added a second frame to the main movie with the intention of fading objects in etc when the page loads. This is where the problems occurred. Simply by adding a second frame to the main movie (a blank frame on a blank layer), the jpeg images now appear all distorted. The second frame of the main movie is never actually reached (due to a ’ stop(); ’ on frame 1 which is present in both examples) and NO other changes have been made to the movie. Below is an exampe of this:

note that in the actual version, the images remain in the same rotated position the whole time, they only change color. I added the motion to highlight the error but it still occurs even when they are stationary.

I have no idea what is causing this, I have only found one reference to a similar problem which was to rotate the individual MC’s containing the jpegs, instead of the jpegs **within **the MC’s. I tried that but it didn’t fix it.

I also tried using PNG’s instead of JPEG’s but that didnt work either.

Sorry its a long post but its a bizarre problem!
Would love any help, cheers

both look exactly the same to me

Not when you move the mouse on the ‘images’-button to makethe image rotate.

@ Q18: Have you checked, whether the image gets somehow resized when you rotate it? Sometimes this causes effects like that.

Thats what I get for skimming and not reading.

Anywho, its a smoothing “bug” in Flash. Single frame movies either smooth or dont smooth images that have been set to be smoothed or those set not to be… or is it the other way around… I think its smoothed when it shouldnt be. So, if you have an image set NOT to be smoothed in the library and stick it on the first frame of a one frame movie, it will be smoothed. I say “bug” in quotes because I think it might have to due with the player’s interpretation of Flash “images” vs Flash “movies” where images are single frame movies (and thereby live under a different set of rules?).

In general the first frame is a beastly entity. It will load very fast and not strictly adhere to frame rate settings (at least playing the first frame) as well as cause issues like this little doozey – which has been around since at least Flash 5 as I remember. Of course single frame Flash 4 movies were rare. Whenever I deal with bitmaps, I always work on frame 2.