HELP...jumping between scenes

OK guys and girls, I need help.

I have a movie with two scenes.

In scene 2 I have a button within a clip (because I need to hide the button when the user 1st accesses the page).

When the button does appear in frame 1 of scene 2, and I click it, it keeps taking me
back to frame 3 of the first scene rather than frame 3 of the current scene (2).

I thought I hade to use:

on (release) {

because the button is embedded within a clip. But no…

Im desperate…please help!


Just use the little targetting icon and that in the Normal code view. You can select the type of thing you want to jump to (scene, frame, object).

thanks, great description of the target thingy btw!!

anyway, Im still confused.

I can see movie clips to link to, but how do I use the target thingy to get to a specific frame?

any ideas?