Help: loading external text?

Seems like nobody want to help me.

Please help

  1. I’ve got Text.swf (this swf has dynamic text field) dynamicly loaded into emtyMovieClip in Main.swf

  2. in the Main.swf is Button when I press this Button I want to load external text into the Text.swf(exactly into dynamic text field which is in Text.swf)

doest this make more sense? please…

So how do I do it when I press the button on the main.swf and text shows up in the Text.swf

I don’t know if you guys understand me or there is no way to do it, Please help…

and here is the code I assigned to the button

castCleese.onPress = function (){
_root(I think _root cause is on main timeline).loadVariables("castChapman.txt", "???????what should I put here, what path???");
trace("it is working, so at least I know button is OK");