Help loading variables into flash!

Hi everyone… I have been trying to load some variables from a php file into flash but with no luck!!

I’m using this code to print the variables…

print "mox=$movx&moy=$movy&move=$mov&colored=$colored&resized=$resized&bgColor=$bgColor";

and this to try and read them into flash:

loadRemote.onRelease = function() {
	mData = new LoadVars();
	mov.movingX = mData.mox;
	mov.movingY = mData.moy;
	mov.actions.moved =;
	mov.actions.resized = mData.resized;
	mov.actions.colored = mData.colored;
	mov.bgColor = mData.bgColor;
	if (mData.mox != undefined) {
		alert.msg.text = "working!";
	} else {
		alert.msg.text = "load error!!";

can anyone please help me out?!?!