Help!. low price domains?

well i got some money to spend and i am looking for a good place to buy domains under 5 dollers.

so far i found

.us for 4.95
.biz for 4.95

i need something more like .com or something new or something atlest.
if any one could help me thank you :devious:

.com for $8,
.com for approx $4.95, 1and1 without as many features I think though

i use got mine for $7.95

yo bombin. .com for approx $4.95? did i read that right?

yep, well… kinda, I checked it out again and it’s $5.99 and not $4 but close enough;jsessionid=174327D184BBC9E3A0C123FF776AD260.TC63b?__frame=_top

the .us is the special but the others are still there