Help making a sound come after another sound

I’m still in my ActionScript infancy and I need a bit of help- I’d like to be able to make a sound play followed by a different sound.

My script below shows “tiltout” wave play on (rollOut) but I would like 1 instance of (“mechwav”) to play following it.

The script following } else { works exactly like I want it to…I just need to figure out the CORRECT way to make an instance of “mechwav” play following “tiltout”

I know I’m overlooking something VERY simple but for a noob like me, it’s a little frustrating.

on (rollOut) {
playBackwards( serv_mc );
sound = new Sound (this);
if (serv_mc._currentframe == serv_mc._totalframes) {
sound.start (0,0);
} else {
sound.start (0,2);
} on (release) {
if (serv_mc._currentframe == serv_mc._totalframes) {