Help me anybody please!

Hey everyone!
Im having trouble connecting to some servers with dreamweavers ftp. (before anyody asks ive already used the ‘search’ button).
I can connect to certain servers but im having problems with our new supplier of server space(who are trying their hardest to sort it out :puzzle: )
Im using dreamweaver mx on mac osx panther - has anybody had a problem like this before?
All the remote info is correct for the server / webspace, and it connects but only shows a folder (www/) with no files in it (there are files in it because my colleage has put the test files there (and i can view them like any other webpage). Upon connection i get a message saying ‘select newer & sync unnavailable’ and something about server time…

Any help will be greatly appreciated - its really doing me noggin in!


:mario: mariofan