Help me find zie uber TV :)

I haven’t bought a TV in years and years. I didn’t bring my old one when I recently moved to Australia and times are ripe to buy one. Watching movies on my MBP is starting to get old.

I’m wondering if you guys could give me your personal opinions on what to get here, I’m VERY out of the loop in the TV business and wouldn’t know what to look for.

I’m looking for anything in the range of 40 to 52". I know that’s a wide range, but it’s not really that big of a deal for me. 40 will work, so will 52. It all depends on how ‘good’ the TV is and how much tv per dollar you’re getting.

As for budget, I’m probably not going to be comfortable paying more than $4.000 but in all honesty I would probably prefer something around $2.500. If there’s something spectacular however, I don’t at all mind chucking in some extra dough. So it’s all down to how good the TV in question is.

Plasma, LCD, full HD, HD tuner … all that stuff means very little to me since I know very little about it and I’m hoping you guys could give me just a tad bit of insight. Yes yes I know I can find online resources but I’m asking for your personal opinions here.

Thanks! :calvin: