Help me old wise

Hello Kirupa I desperately need help in regards to learning how to make a site or part of a website private. I use Frontpage2000 and can’t for the life of me figure out how to assign an area that would only allow users to view or access the area if they have a username and password.

I have no programming knowledge and I just run a website where I am creating a role-playing game. I’d just like to make it so the guys who will play will have an account where they can look at their character for the role-playing game in private.

Surely I can use Frontpage to do this can’t I is there a decent tutorial somewhere on the internet? I tell you the support that frontpage or Microsoft has SUCKS! Perhaps it’s just so vast I don’t know or have looked in the right area. Still I have looked all over with no luck.

Any help from anyone would be appreciated; thanks in advance.

hey John,
You will need to create a discussion Web with specific log-in settings specified. I’m not sure if that is what you are looking for though. I’m not sure that FrontPage supports restricted access to portions of your site. You can use Flash and create a basic password utility like I have on the following URL:…ifelse.asp