Help me please

I am a newbie in Flash 8. I am facing some problems dealing with sound in my work.
I inserted a mp3 sound, i called it “music01.mp3”, into my scene 1 and sync as event and loop since i want the sound continue and loop in my next few scenes. When it comes to scene 5, i wish to pause (or stop) the sound “music01.mp3”. How can i do this?

I m using a button in scene 5 which after click will direct back to scene 2. In this case, how can i continue (or start play from beginning) the sound “music01.mp3” (which is actually located in scene 1) when come to scene 2 (from scene 5)?

Can not locate another same “music01.mp3” sound in scene 2 as this sound will also start playing when first time it enters scene 2. Which means, together with the “music01.mp3” sound (as mentioned, sync as event) from scene 1, there is two same sound playing when first time it enters scene 2.

In brief, i want the “music01.mp3” start playing from scene 1 and continue loop but want to stop it when enter scene 5 but after back to scene 2 i want play “music01.mp3” again.