How do I position images… not just with Center and Right and stuff like that… but technical alligning… like with pixels and stuff… help!

If you’re using Dreamweaver draw a layer and put the picture inside it! You can drag the layer anywhere you want.

Im not using dreamweaver…I mean in HTML how do I move them to certain spots?

Dreamweaver is in HTML you know…
but if you’re not using dreamweaver then I don’t know…

Sigh, DW is not a tool for a real webdesigner. im glad to hear you reject such stuff, pal…anyway. The proper codes for CSS positioning is to put the following in HEAD
< style type=text/css >
#LayerName {position: absolute; left: xxx; right: xxx;}
< /style >

Type “relative” instead of “absolute” as the value for position if you want to set the exact position from the current place instead of in absolute pixles (which could be described as the CSS version of Flash’s _root)

Then, if you want to positionize a image for instance set id=“LayerName” in IMG. Otherwise, if theres lots of stuff you wish to give the same positioncoordinates, use:
< div id=“LayerName” >
Layer contents go here
< /div >

UH hum… I use Dreamweaver… :evil:

I don’t use the WYSIWYG editor side of it though, I code all my sites by hand. And the Javascript/PHP color coding comes in handy so much:)

But if I really wanted/had to, I could do my entire site in notepad.

PS: I notice sometimes when using specified pixel values, certain browsers tend to not display them right, just a little note.

Ok, then…correction: WYSIWYG editors sux…they take all the fun and challenge out of makin good sites. And since DW goes under that cathegory i said it sux too…though i should rather say that DW users suck, and even that is wrong, as long as the users doesnt use the WYSIWYG part…

Though, lost…if its only the coloured-codes part you want, there is a tool named editpad or sth like that (editpad mx even?) which is just like notepad but it notices events, elements, values and so on and colors the codes after that.

I also use DWs Javascript Reference to teach myself Javascript and their CSS Reference to teach myself CSS. And I like how they highlight code that contains errors. And I like how you can have the code view on the top and the live preview type thing on the bottom. Definitelycomes in handy.

There is a lot I like how DW, I just hate WYSIWYG editors. I say there is more I like about DW then there is more I don’t like.

I’m curious…

so you are saying that in order to be a “real webdesigner” you have to code all of the site by hand? That any user of WYSIWYG editors can’t make a good site?

I think you may be a bit overzealous on that one. Not everybody thinks that coding a site by hand is the fun part.

While I agree that knowing what the prog is doing, and how to correct it (they never seem to get it 100% right) WYSIWYG editors can make it a lot quicker and simpler to do certain things.

I know for a fact that when I was updating an online wine-sales site, that without DW, I would have spent way more time than I had to spend.

Remember, there are hundreds of ways to make chicken soup…Some of them don’t even involve chicken…


I don’t like WYSIWYG editors because they use so much code that they are impossible to edit without the editor. They are way to difficult to understand and they add so much useless code.

Not saying every site done in a WYSIWYG editor is tacky or ugly, but many of them are.

I am one of the coding is fun people though :slight_smile:

Either way, Dreamweaver gets two thumbs up in my book.

the same can be said of sites which are coded by hand…I once had the joy of taking over a site that all of the JavaScript was done custom, along with DHTML…

Man what a headache…

Crappy websites exist…it doesn’t make any difference how they were made.


That is completely true:)

But sometimes you have to admit, hand coded sites tend to be more organized than WYSIWYG sites. Since hand coded tables only allow for certain locations, where is WYSIWYG content can be places anywhere at any time and get messed up depending on screen resolution.

Keep in mind, I never said I disliked people who used WYSIWYG editors, I just don’t like them.

Ok, let us leave it at this… A site is only good as its creators skill.

Not matter what method is used, it is up to the creator to make it look good and be functional.

I agree with that statement. How about anyone else?

I agree with your last statement Lostinbeta…

it was the rather blanket opinion above I was referring to…

no biggee, just hit a sore spot with me…

While I know how to code HTML, most of the time I use DW to write simple code and imbed Flash movies (I don’t like the way Flash publishes HTML). It is just easier to do the mundane stuff.

In my humble opinion, DW is the only WYSIWYG editor to use, but that is just an opinion…and even then should be used as a production tool only…

That is why I visit useability forums for Flash…There is a lot of “animation for animation’s sake” out there. I think it was Jacob Neilson who said that the “skip intro” button is the most clicked button on the web:P taking the same track as above, then everyone who uses components is lame, and only the people who hand code with the expert mode are real Flash developers…

end of my rant, sorry if I offended anyone, I did not mean to. I believe in Tolerance of all, even FrontPage users=)


You definitely didn’t offend me. I believe that no matter how much there is a difference opinion, there is always one thing in there that everyone can agree on.

In this case it was my last statement.

=) =) =) =)



Well, i agree with your statement also, beta.
Hell, the only thing that really bothers me are the guys who dont know any codings at all and make their really crappy, pathetic little sites completely made by an HTMLeditor, and then they dont have any control whatsoever of what their coding actually says. Which results in the following:

  1. Their sites contains a lot of crap-coding which makes em slow-loaded
  2. They dont know how to change anything if it’s wrong
  3. It never works for very long, since they eventually wish to develop their sites, and it just wont work so sooner or later they all come crawling to someone like us, begging for help, and when you try to help them you cant, 'cuz you cant make out a **** of what all their codes are really about

Thus: i do all MY sites by hand, and organize them the way I am used to, so that I can easily do whatever I like to achieve!

…worx for me…
I’m also a “coding is fun” guy in case you havnt noticed

okay, we agree, crap is crap…

let’s lay blame on the correct item…the person who makes a crappy website…whether he/she uses FrontPage (which I don’t like, but is extremely popular), or codes by hand, if it doesn’t work well in any way, it is still crap…:-\

I am glad there are guys like you guys out there who like to code, because I sure as heck don’t=), which is why I don’t code a bunch, and make sure my HTML is very clean…:nerd:


Yep, it is agreed,

If someone skill is using a WYSIWYG editor is a horrible way, then that is all their skill level is capable of (unless they practice and get better of course). And if you skill is to code by hand and have no unneccessary code, then there you go.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: =)

Ok, so if the site is accurate and good-lookin’, no reason to complain. Otherwise it sux nomatter in which way it was made. Period?