Help me plz


i really need some help with 3 things.

the first thing is that whenever i make buttons i use the on release and stuff but if u double click on a navigation button everything messes up.

and second this is that do u no how to get rid of the right click menu or at least get rid of the 20 other buttons on it so theres only about flash 6 player and settings…

and lastly can someone tell me how to get my flash to pop up in a window on the net.


I’m not sure if I understand you on the first one, but if you double click a button with the on (release) action it won’t have the desired effect. There is no double click setting for a button in flash but it can be acheived with actionscript.

When you publish your movie from flash uncheck the display menu from the html tab.

And you said “as a pop up window” you mean launch as seperate window like some sites have. It’s easy to do - you can have a main page that informs you of the requirements for your site, and when they click enter or something - your site opens in a pop up chromeless window, that can’t be resized, etc. Talk to lostinbeta about that one.

Man, I just posted and it looked funky. I’ll try again:

More precisely, inside the “object” tag in your HTML make sure you have

<param name="menu" value="false">

and in the “embed” tag make sure you have menu = “false”

Thn x

Check the tutorials first…

Ideally people should do that before posting.

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