Help me resize please!

Im having such trouble making these lines stay stretched across the screen…its been a while now and still no progress. I want the 4 lines to take up the whole of the screen sapce.
I have this code on the 4 lines i want to stay filling the screen :

 [left]BotL.onResize = function() {

	this._width = Stage.width;
TopL.onResize = function() {
	this._width = Stage.width;
LeftL.onResize = function() {
	this._height = Stage.height;
RightL.onResize = function() {
	this._height = Stage.height;

then, in the HTML, i have this under the

 <style type="text/css"> [/left]
html, body { 
height: 100%; width: 100%; 
margin: 0; padding: 0;

i have made the movie 100% by 100%, the stage size i even increased to 1600x1000…and still i get nothing.

please, if its not too tedious for you, take a look at the .fla below. or, if just to see how far i am from the goal, check out

thanks for any help, any help whatsoever.
and have a great night.