Help me using that "UI Component" Menu Please

I subribed myself at “” and received a menu wich was very cool, but It has been made as a flash MX component. I understand how to change the labels but I don’t see how to put my specific actions on the buttons. Can anybody help me please…?

I prefer to ask you guys because your aswers are always fast, simple, direct and reliable.

Tank you

PS: See the attachement to get the menu’s FLA file

which action do you want to put, what do you want to do ?

Humm… any kind of action, like

Object 1 = GotoandPlay this
Object 2 = Excec “That.exe”

And every thing… There are 12 buttons in total and I want to put an action into each. Let me give you an example of a specific action I want to put on the “Object 1” Button :

on (release) {
tellTarget ("_root.Panel") {
setProperty("_root.Panel", _visible, “1”);
setProperty("_root.Panel", _y, “300”);
setProperty("_root.Panel", _x, “400”);
setProperty("_root.Panel", _xscale, “100”);
setProperty("_root.Panel", _yscale, “100”);
_root.Panel.size = 14;
_root.Panel.colorCode = “0033FF”;
closeTags = “</FONT></P>”;
text = “”;
openTags = “<P ALIGN=“LEFT”><FONT FACE=“Arial"SIZE=””+size+"" COLOR="#"+colorCode+"">";
_root.Panel.Input = openTags+text+closeTags;

I hope that gives you an Idea of what kind of actions I want to put put on the buttons

My problem is that :
This menu is created as a Flash MX “COMPONENT” and won’t work if I just paste the actions on the buttons. I got to find the way the author wants me to do it. For example, to change the labels of these buttons, I just click on a button and in the property bar two component options will appear :

1- Face (I just have to type the button Label here)
2- Action ( I suppose that’s were I got to define wich action is for what button etc…But how exactly, that what I don’t know)

Can you help me understand this Please…

what does your component do ? Is it just the tween when you rollover ?
If it is so, i suggest you do the rollover tween by yourself, it will be much more simple to add actions, because at the moment i don’t where to put it.
And it is smartclip if i’m not wrong (?), smartclip are component for flash5 not MX