Help Me!

i need help with playing a movie clip that i have…

i first have a movie clip that i made at the begning , and a 2nd movie clip under it. How do i play the 2nd movie clip when the first one is done , I tried this on the last frame on the 1st movie clip but it doesnt work…

m2 is the movie clip name

Pleas help. Thanks in adv

Hmm, I think it should have worked when you put it as the last frame in the movie clip 1. The only solution I can think of to your problem right now is to add x number of empty frames to your movie clip 2. x number being the number of frames in mc1. then you can place both MCs on the timeline and it should work right. I am sure there is another way, but for now that’s all I can think of.

thanks the 2nd option workd :slight_smile:

No problem, glad I could help.

if you’re telling your first movie to play the other one…;



that is really the way that should go.

good luck!

Very good, that is the kind of stuff I need to learn. As you may have read, I usually end up doing things the harder way. That is why I am now learning actionscript, so I can stop doing that…HAHA