Help navigating from external .swf menu button based on tutorial by Claudio:

[color=#003366]I have created a menu system on the home.swf page based on this tutotorial by Claudio Preloader[font=Verdana]** and Transition for Dynamic Files. **My question is how can I add a submenu system into one of the externally loaded .swf files. I have tried using the following inside the external .swf: [/font][/color]
sub_menu_b1.onRelease = function() {
if (_root.section != “") { _root.section = "[url=“”]”;
[color=#003366][font=Verdana]but it does not seam to work? is it because there are problems controlling mc from external .swfs? Can anyone help?[/font][/color]

Great it works! I have tried all day without succes and then I found your post.

Glad to hear it Tony! I was getting lonesome here all on my own!!