Help! Need flash to check for Variable

Ok, here’s what I’m trying to do
Text box input var= data1
Text box input var=data2

on (release) {
if (data1==“flash”) {
} else {

how do I get flash to check for both data1, and data2?

on (release) {
  if (data1=="flash"&&data2=="somethingElse") {
  } else {

a couple others that might be useful

&& “check to see if both are true”
|| “check to see if either is true”
!= “check to see if this is not equal to”
! “check to see if this is boolian ‘false’”

thanx alot, but I noticed that the input data was case sensitive. Is there a way to stop that?

Nm, figure it out. toLowerCase()

ooo good code to know. I hadn’t heard of that tidbit. Thanks for posting it.