Help..Need ideas with Site>_<

Well hello All…merry xmast by the way.Well i want to create a kool site for me and my friends but dont know how should i go about it.I want a kool hip-hop/rap feel to it.(im from n.Y.c).I was wondering if any one knows sum kool sites that fit my criteria(I WANT SUM INSPIRATION!!).
If this helps this is the way i want the navigation/menu(site) to have:

Home-info…bout the site etc…Newz
Guys-info about the guys…etc
Ladiez-info about the girls…etc
Gallery-pictures(I got imagevue gallery for this >_< )
Media-music,videos,games,funny things,anything
Contact-contact me!!

Also we in high skool and we like (ages)17 and up :slight_smile:
Any ideas would be appreciated
thnx in advance ~_^