Help, need to pass data from a radio button

I have a data collect form that is passing name and email to a database. My fields are firstName, lastName. email and Optin. Optin is using the radioButton component and any value that could be interpreted as yes or no, true or false, 1 or 2 will work.

I actually have 2 isssues, though I set up a field called Optin in the data collect, trace is indicating that the field Optin is not registering.

I have been searching for examples that do something with a radioButton selection besides gotoAndPlay and have found nothing. I currently have this.

//Register each field to be collected

flashistListener = new Object(); = function (evt){

  // Add your code here to test which radio is selected?
  // you can get this from
  // find this by using:
  // i would then probably use:
  if( == "Flashist"){
     //do something crazy
  else if( == "Anti-Flashist"){
     //do something crazier
  //as many else ifs as you want

radioGroup.addEventListener("click", flashistListener);

My radio buttons have the instance name Optin, the data is Flashist and Anti-Flashist, the groupName is radioGroup