Help needed : 2 animations in the same MC

Hey everyone … as u can see i am new in here ><… and i got a few problems with my .fla… i am trying to make 2 animations for example …

animation one … then close this animation and run the 2nd animation

the 1st animation is like some intro for example
the 2nd animation is basically the random movement of the movie clip

the problem that i have is when it load, it loads everything alright but after that the movie clip start deleting and appearing and i want them to stay moving without deleting and appearing

here is my code

onClipEvent(load) {

	a = this._x;
	b = this._y;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	this._x = a+(2+Math.random()*3);
	this._y = b+(2+Math.random()*3);
	if (check_1 != 0) {


sorry for my english though