Help Needed for attaching/syncing sound using AS


I’m not new to Flash 8, but I am fresh-out-of-the-basket for Action Script. Here’s my problem/question:

I want to have a song that I recorded be syncronized to the animation ‘lip-sync’ for *when it is up on the web *using Action Script instead of just having the sound file on a new layer. When I play the swf on my computer it is syncronized, but when i post it on to a website the sound/animation is off (or not in sync). I followed the steps for this tutorial: but I want the sound to just start playing in sync with the animation without having to click a button or doing an action to make the sound start playing. I realize that the sound in that tutorial is “attached(?)” to the button, or the sound is “attached” to something.

Basically I need help with the Action Script so my animation will be in sync with the sound when it is up on the web, because it is in sync when it is just on my computer.

I hope this makes some sense to you Action Script Experts and I hope I can find a solution to my problem.
Thank you.