Help needed on changing color objects

hi, i’m doing a school project of mine and i am having trouble doing the changing color objects. here is an axample of the script that i;m using:

on (rollOver) {
var colorful = new Color("_root.shapes");

For this script it does change color, but how do i make it to stay the same color that user selected after going to another scene?? Would really appreaciated your help. Thanks :slight_smile:

add the actual colour changing code to the movie clip itself, ie.

var colorful = new Color(“this”);

colorful.setRGB(variable whose value set by button);

hey, thanks for replying …but i’m a bit new to flash action script so i dont really get what you mean…add the script to which movieclip??the object??because currently i have the script in the button. :h:
the attached file is an example of what i’m doing.