Help needed: setting up buttons from coded MovieClips

hi community, time for some interaction here - help needed this time

in order to gain control over buttons in a portfolio showcase in AS3, i found it interesting to set up buttons manually using code to extend MovieClips, but a bug seems to threaten the efficiency of these extended MCs:

[*]buttons fail to stick to the “up” state when there’s a MouseEvent.CLICK targetting them; event listener of the type “MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER” is apparently “always on top” and prevents the “CLICK” one to act accordingly[/LIST]is it a way to solve this problem setting up a boolean variable that would be set to true if the according btn is clicked? i tried to solve it this way but can’t really understand what is happening when the function is called. it was very useful to set up trace commands all over the code so i can debut exactly what functions are being triggered, but even though these outputs are helpful i still can’t understand the script workflow.

perhaps the first thing to ask here is: what would be a standard-compliant way to code this functionality to MCs in AS3?

as i am creating a structure for buttons inside the portfolio session of the site, repeted several times, should i consider creating a package (custom class?) for them?

ideally, these buttons would be load to the secondary-navigation bar like in tpspoons’ [URL=“”][as3]Image gallery, with a different styling but basically with the same scripting. also ideally, MOUSE_OVER would be a different effect and when CLICKed it would preserve the “up” status.

**your attention is very much appreciated: thanks!