Help Needed - Simple XML function..[Flash8]


I’ve been wondering for a while now why this function I have created won’t work.
Any help would be much appreciated

I’m loading text from an XML file into a dynamic text-box in my swf.

I then created a function:

[COLOR=Blue]_gloabal[/COLOR].signalCheck = [COLOR=Blue]functionCOLOR=Black[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Black] [/COLOR]{

          [COLOR=Blue]if [/COLOR](mysignal ==[COLOR=Green] "1"[/COLOR]) {

[COLOR=Gray]//mysignal is a dynamic text-box where “1” is loaded from XML[/COLOR]

and added this function to a button on the same frame:

          [COLOR=Blue]on[/COLOR] ([COLOR=Blue]release[/COLOR]){


The XML works fine, as the number “1” is displayed inside in the swf. However, the function doesn’t see “mysignal” as a typical dynamic text-box as it does not respond to it.

Could anybody tell me a work-around for this, or a method that responds to the actual text sent from XML.

Much obliged…