Help needed: startDrag/stopDrag function prevents closing popup window

[FONT=Verdana]Hey all,


I created a popup window inside my flash movie and it worked fine.
Then I decided that the user should have the ability to drag the window around if needed.
So, I added a startDrag/stopDrag function to it.


Because I added the startDrag function, I can’t close the popup window.
If I comment the drag function out, then I can close the window.
I can do one or the other, but not both.

I have a vague idea of what’s happening.


The close window command ( t.[COLOR=Blue]removeMovieClip/COLOR ) is not able to execute because
the “close button movie clip” is inside the popup window movie clip. Therefore, when I add the [COLOR=Blue]startDrag [/COLOR]function, it gets dragged along with everything else. I believe that to
sovle this problem the [COLOR=Blue]startDrag [/COLOR]function has to be cleared some sort of way
so that the [/FONT][FONT=Verdana]“close button movie clip”[/FONT][FONT=Verdana] can perform its function.

Well that’s just my theory.

Here is my [COLOR=Blue]code[/COLOR]:


//-----------------------This creates an empty movie clip----------------------\\


//-----------------------end of movie clip creation----------------------------\\

//-------------This attaches movie clip to stage on button release-------------\\

button.[COLOR=Blue]onRelease[/COLOR] = f[COLOR=Blue]unction[/COLOR] () {
    [COLOR=Blue]var[/COLOR] t:[COLOR=Blue]MovieClip[/COLOR] = container_mc.[COLOR=Blue]attachMovie[/COLOR]([COLOR=SeaGreen]"popup"[/COLOR],[COLOR=SeaGreen]"pop_mc"[/COLOR],container_mc._level1());
    t.[COLOR=Blue]_x[/COLOR] =100;
    t.[COLOR=Blue]_y[/COLOR] =100;
    t.closer.onRelease = function () {

//---------------------end attach movie--------------------------------------\\

//--------------------drag events--------------------------------------------\\

t.[COLOR=Blue]onPress[/COLOR] = [COLOR=Blue]function[/COLOR] () {

t.onRelease = function () {

//----------------------------end drag events------------------------------\\


I have attached the [COLOR=Red]fla[/COLOR] file.

Thanks in advance.

[COLOR=Blue]Hungry[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Samurai[/COLOR]