Help needed urgently. :(

here is a idea of it

thats the one im creating now. and what i want to do is, you can see the dotted circle, it moves along with the mouse and stop with it. but what i want to do is, instead of just stopping along with the mouse, when the mouse movement stop it will slowly stop like blury style. not like the way it is stopping now. slowly fadingly stop. does anyone know how to do that?

something like this should work, give it an instance name mc and on the timeline type
function myFunction() {
if (oldX>this._xmouse) {
velX = (oldX-this._xmouse)/5;
} else if (oldX<this._xmouse) {
velX = (oldX-this._xmouse)/5;
velX *= .95;
this._rotation += velX;
oldX = this._xmouse;
mc.onEnterFrame = myfunction;

thats how it looks now? umm cant u make the rotation little slower… its like dont know how its movin now

experiment with changing the variables.(ie speed = 5 in my example)