Help needed urgently

here is the thing…

this time what i want to do is, when a picture is clicked i want that picture to be opened in a new window. the window should be having the exact width and height of the picture. and the picture is going to be a .swf file :slight_smile:

so its like opening a swf file of the pic to its width and height in a new window.

and when the mouse moves to the pic that person want to see, a preview is shown from the center of the circle. i tried it but that takes too much space, any idea of how to reduce the size of the file

adjust the jpeg compression in the publish settings of the movie. Also, you can load the jpeg’s dynamically and give them loading bars, but that might be slow.

Another way is to import all the photos into your library and attach them from there using attachMovie()
that way, you can just have one big preloader at the beginning instead of little ones every time a user rolls over something.