Help needed with script a.s.a.p

I need help with the following today…

I have a script that search through an xml file, and puts the result in a dynamic text box, what i need is that one xml field is parsed like a button just below or in some way making the text into a button that go to a location in the flash file.

I have comed this far, when i search for a company in the search box and get a result it returns directly and goto the place i want it to go.

Although i do not want it to go directly to the location. Instead the person should click the button.

  entry += this.attachMovie("buttonSymbol", "btn", 1);
  entry += this.btn._root.gotoAndStop(nodes*.childNodes[4].firstChild.nodeValue);

i have attached the file, the link / button is supposed to go to, _root.gotoAndStop(gotoaction);

“gotoaction” is the value from the xml file.

Put your request on payment to make this work. Need it to be done as soon as possible.
Hopefully today.

Payment is made through either paynova or paypal upon completion.

Thank you.

Tobias Soderberg