Help needed with scrollable text!

I want that the text move upwards or downwards when im pressing the up or down button. I already tried the tutorials from kirupa but there I must release the up or down button each time.

I use this code:

on (press) {
currentScroll = l1.scroll;
if (Number(currentScroll)>1) {
l1.scroll = currentScroll-1;

but what i want is that the text move up or down when i still pressing the button (Like the scroll buttons from window). Not press, release. press, release.

You need to use a looped controler clip.
(huh, what’s that?..)
on the button, use on (press) {controllerUp.gotoAndPlay(2)}; and on (release, releaseOutside) {controllerUp.gotoAndStop(1)};

where controllerUp is a 3 frame clip with only actions in it.
so this clip contains:
frame 1: stop
frame 2: pathToScrolledObject.scroll++; //change to – in controllerDown clip to scroll…well, down…might be the opposite
frame 3: gotoAndPlay(2); //loops the clip, which controls and scrolls, as long as the button is pressed.

so you got two controller clips which get activated by the up&down buttons and scroll your stuff as long as the button is pressed.
was that detailed enough?

how would you do it with a rollover as a scroll command?