Help needed with some Flash8 AS - Rotation of movieclip in relation to mouse on stage

Ok, I’ll try to keep this fairly simple…

a) I want to create something similar to the menu that is dominant on this website :

though it used to be a bit cooler, with that it used to rotate backwards/depending on where the mouse was in relation to it… I’d like to figure out how its done/be able to implement a similar kind of thing in a flash folio I am slowly making/figuring out ideas for…

Ive been tinkering with other ideas, which are here:

Very taken with the idea of creating kind of “orbiting” elements/having interaction in that sense and creating a feeling of “Depth” as well through the use of scale…

Anyhow - the “main” topic of my request here is - to get some help with the Actionscript that I have currently got, which is a horrible mish-mash of code off some of the Kirupa tutes… I am still learning Flash, and Im sure there is still a long long way to go :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very close to doing what I want it to do, but, Im not sure/have no idea what the missing “element” is that is eluding me :frowning:
If possible I’d like to be able to “limit” the “speed” of the rotation when the user gets too “close” to the menu, so it doesnt go into hyper speed and become unuseable, and also, not have it ever really truly stop - I guess maybe some easing or something ?

Anyhow, the url for the files is: [to view/preview it] [the Flash 8 .fla]

Ive “commented” the .fla so it should be fairly easy to understand :slight_smile:

All and any help really appreciated! I know this is kind of a “really simple” thing, but I’ve spent hours searching around google and such and trying different things and havent been able to sus it out yet :frowning:

Regards from “down under” !