Help On Moving Clouds

i made a continously scrolling cloud with a background of a mountain, the clouds are scrolling to the left side of the screen and of course the clouds goes outside the working area. I thought everything was fine until i load it from my main swf with a background (the attached file). the movie will load in the middle box. The problem is that can still see the clouds that is not supposed to be seen! The cloud movie i made is perfectly fit to the box in the middle, isn’t the clouds supposed to be transparent once it reached outside the document. pls. somebody help me…

If you have published the movie into the HTML or the SWF file, you will not see the clouds outside the stage anymore. :slight_smile:

i have published it in swf but i can still see the clouds going wayup to the eye in the layout. i can’t upload the swf coz it’s too big, pls. help me!!

ok wait!
how are u moving the clouds and could u take a still of your stage for us to look at

the clouds are moving upwards.

the pic. which i will use to stream the clouds upwards. The size of the stage is about 673x373

add a mask to cover them.

ok i’ll try it.