Help on my windows

hey peeps… haven’t posted in quite some time… i know this might seem a weird thing to ask but il ask it anyway…

im making a site that’s fully flash…

here’s the question.

i have a button. the button leads to a popup and i know the geturl part of this… the question is… how do i disable the maximize button and remove the toolbars so the only things left are the close button, the minimize button and the title bar?? i came across the chromeless windows but i dont want it to look like that… thought i have to admit it does look real nice… i want it to be a normal browser window.

thanks for all the help!!!

– kate

Here it shows all of the options for a pop-up window that is I think what you want. It has full explanations and everything.


that was a problem solved quickly.

i reckon that would work just greatly.

thanks again! :stuck_out_tongue: