HELP please about flv video issue

hi everybody, im an actionscript 3 programmer, with some experience but im quite desperate with an issue that i can´t solve, please help help, if you know the solution to my issue my email is [email protected], thanks so much, i explain now

  • im building an application in which i have to show many flv videos dynamically, i have tried with both systems, with the FLVPlayback component being created dynamically and with the simpler netconnection and netstream etc way, the thing itself works no probs , the videos get created no probs at all, now the problem is that videos stop playing just after they start, or they play a few times and then they freeze or sometimes they dont even load at all, this happens both locally and remotelly

  • i read about the MIME video/x-flv issue, i have apache in my computer so i set the MIME right there and i still have the problem, so it doesnt seem that the MIME issue is the problem, even more:

  • first, to provide context, i have a PC with Windows Vista, and Flash CS3 Professional, and Flash CS3 Video Converter and Riva FLV Encoder, locally i have Apache and PHP installed, remotely a fasthosts server

  • i have found that if i encode the videos without audio! they almost always work, but here comes the desperating thing, if i encode them without audio, they always load, but they still freeze sometimes… so if videos have audio, often they dont even load, if they dont have audio, often they work perfect and play, but still after playing 2 times maybe they freeze and they dont play more

  • i have executed my application in the flash environment, in a browser locally, locally in localhost through apache, and online in a fasthosts server;

  • i thought i had found something when i realized that if i encoded the videos with no audio they seemed to play well no probs, but i have found that even then they will freeze and stop moving after a while often

  • to encode i have tried many things! the Flash CS3 video encoder with different settings, and also the RIVA FLV Encoder

  • i have also , thinking that the kind of video source could be important, i have encoded a couple of different sources with same results, i encoded uncompressed AVIs and also wmvs

please anybody can help, as im quite desperate with this, thanks very much, my email is [email protected]

all best and thank you