Help Please (music player)

Hi i am new to flash and would like to know, how do i make a music player for my site, with all the bottens.(play,stop ect)
and i would also like to know how do i make it preload i have read some other posts and dont under stand a thing so could anyone plz explain so i understand.


ok here’s a basic one, imports a wav and you can turn it off and on …there will be two differnt swfs here. MAKE SURE TO KEEP BOTH SWF"S IN THE SAME FOLDER :slight_smile:

STEP 1: Make a movie 10 by 10 and import your sound wav into it. when you export the movie call it mainsound.swf

STEP 2: make a new movie. Inside the new movie create a MC called sound and drag it to the stage. name the instance on the stage sound, in the instance box

STEP 3: insert 2 frames …Frame 1 and Frame2
inide the sound MC, now create a button in both of these frames.

STEP 4: in both frames put a stop action on a new layer and choose the text tool
and type, sound on in the frist frame and sound off on the second frame.

STEP 5: click on the button in the first frame then right click and choose actions from the menu
then put this code in the first button.

on (press) {

STEP 6: put this code in the second button on frame 2

on (release) {
loadMovie(“mainsound.swf”, “/sound”);

Hope this gets you started! JesseH

thanks alot for your help.:asian:

btw what do you mean by MC:(

That’s the first question I asked back in the old forum :stuck_out_tongue:
MC=Movie Clip

Have fun

pom :asian:

thats correct…MC = Movie Clip