Help Please! Scrolling Gallery not working in Flash Player 8

Hi there,
Can someone help please, I am at my witts end with this one!!

I have a scrolling image gallery. Very simple, scrolling thumbnails on the bottom, image pops up when thumbnail is selected. Thumbnails scroll left/right when the arrow buttons are pressed down on. This was created in mx2004.

I have moved this gallery over to Flash 8, and the scrolling no longer works. Everything else is ok (image pops up when thumbnail is selected) .

I have been killing myself redoing the actionscript over and over, trying new things, I even redid the whole gallery in Flash 8 hoping this would solve the issue. But no such luck!

I just realized that when I switch the Flash Player settings to 6 from the default 8, that the scrolling works fine. The problem is, that once I switch to Flash Player 6, other components of my document no longer work. So I need to find a way to make the scrolling gallery work in Flash Player 8.

Thanks so much!