Help Please

Can you please explain me how to make a button (or MovieClip) that is already inside a MovieClip, Tell to the Scene in wich it is to do something or to go to somewhere. For example if I’d like this button to tell another MvClip Where to go, I could write "TellTarget “XYZ” GotoandPlay “ABC”. But I Don’t know how to make such a button Tell the Scene Where to Go.

          NB : If it was just a button ON the scene, I know I sould just Write GotoansPlay "Frame 10" to command the Scene, BUT the fact is that the Button is INSIDE A MovieClip and thus, If I wite down GotoansPlay "Frame 10" it will go to The Movie clip's frame 10 instead the the Scene's and this even if I tell it " in "XYZ Scene"

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.:beam: