[help pls] Objects scrolling across the screen

I did a search on my problem and I came up with nothing. I have spent several hours trying to do tutorials, tweak them and modify them as best I can to do what I want. Unfortunately I am still stuck and unable to do what I desperately need to do.

**[u]My Problem:

[/u]**I have about 20 items that will be used in my game, they will obviously have different values and they will have different effects, ect. on my character.

I need to have these 20 items scroll horizontally across the screen (document is 520px X 420px) randomly. So let’s say we have item1, item2, item3 that are the most basic items… I would like them to be the ones that scroll past the most often. I would like this movement to be random. So there can be about 5-8 items on the screen at a given time. I will then have item4, item5 and item6 which will be very rare items and i don’t want them to scroll by very often, they will only come past maybe once in a game. Hope you understand so far. :stare:

SO in the end there will be items randomly scrolling horizontally across the screen. That’s what I’m trying to achieve. I assumed that i would need to use either **Array() **with the Random() function.

But after trying a couple of things I am still nowhere! I would really, really appreciate any help with this. I don’t expect a miracle (ha, ha) I just would like to be pointed in the right direction. I am willing to do the work myself, but a little nudge would be great! Thanks!