Help! Preloaded XML Gallery Becomes Super Slow

Hello all,

I recently put together a gallery based on examples that Stringy posted here.

A couple improvements have been made, there is now a forward/back button that is sensitive to which photo you’re on…thumbnails appear only on rollover. Run locally, it works perfectly.

But there’s a problem. For this particular project, there NEED to be 30 photos loaded in to the gallery, and they’re biggish, average = 130k/per. When i’m running it live, the first 15 photos work fine (using the next/button) … but once you reach the final 20…it CRAWLS. Most browsers I’ve tested it on crash at 28.

Now, I don’t know if this is just a feature of having so many images (if so, is there any way I can make a buffer of the next 5 images preloaded, and then delete those that were cached after I’ve viewed them?)


If i’m just an idiot and there’s some enormous, needless loop running in the background that I can’t see. Entirely possible. I’m not very good at AS.

I’ve spent 3 days tearing my hair out over this, so if anyone has any thoughts, they would be MOST welcome.

**I’ve uploaded the full project here (3.7 mb)

And just the fla here**

Thank you in advance.