Help Req: Hover Over, Pop Over?

First off, I am not looking to make popup ads so don’t get too excited :cap:

What I am after though is utilized a lot on the loathed popups.

My question is, how do you pop flash over the rest of an HTML page? You see it a lot in ads where items will fly over the page the shoot down and into their little designated corner. More friendly version are used on where the ad has an expand button. If you hit the button it temorarily expands the ad over portions of the page and outside of the ad’s “space”. A more useful usage of this is on Saturn’s website where a livehelp popup flies out asking if you’d like to speak to a rep.

Again, I’m not looking to assail the world with more ads but would like to know how this is done for more interactive webs. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial? Thanks in advance.