Help required..Whats wrong in this code?


[COLOR=“Blue”]var mylabel:TextField;
var mylabelid:String;
var cnt = 0;
for(var a=0;a<=rows;a++)
for(var b=0;b<cols;b++)
cnt ++;
mylabelid = “mylabel”+cnt;

			mylabel = this._root.createTextField(mylabelid,cnt, aa, bb, cellWi, cellHi);
			trace("Label " + mylabel); // **[COLOR="Red"]Error : Label 'Undefined'[/COLOR]**
			trace("X : " + aa);
			trace("Y : "+bb);
			mylabel.text = b;
			aa = aa + cellWi;
		aa = x;
		bb = y + (a * cellHi);
		trace("Row: " + a);

I dont what goes wrong. I tried this coding in Flash lite 2.0. In normal desktop flash document it is working fine. But in Mobile application it gives the error [COLOR="#ff0000"]‘Undefined’[/COLOR] for the Textfields created…

I dont know what went wrong in my code… Anyone help me?

[SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Blue”]Note : I have used in the above code in the Flash Lite 2.0 actionscript(I need to develop for the Windows mobile devices) NOT in normal Flash 8[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Anyone please help me…