Help sending dynamic text to ASP file

I have a flash file that contains an input text field and a submit button symbol. I need to capture what the user puts into this text field and send it to an asp page that will execute a search script. I used the source from this tutorial as my base:

I can attach an FLA if needed, but it should be pretty simple. Here is the setup:

Inside a movie clip named “form”, I have a text field, set to input text, with “search” in the var property field.

On the search button, I have the following action:

on (release) {
form.loadVariables("searchtest.asp", "POST");

In the ASP page, I am trying to capture the value of the variable “search” by using:


Am I on the right track here? Should I use “GET” and try to pull the value out of the query string?

Any help is greatly appreciated.