Help: Separate Preloader.swf for Main.swf

Kind of perplexed here.
I have constructed my site with a main.swf that dynamically loads external swfs. That works just fine, thanx to all those that helped.
Now the only problem is it takes about five to eight seconds to load the main.swf from the index.html.
I tried that basic preloader for the first two frames, blahblah, and nudged my main frames over two frames. Works, but the background loops skip and distort. I dislike scenes and tried it that way, but that messes things up too.
I would like a separate preloader.swf to load the main swf only within the same customized browser window. The external swfs have a separate preloader within the main.swf/blank mc. I don’t want those to preload with the main preloader. I think this might have something to do with levels, but the external swf. references _.root. I have no concept of levels and such.
Would really appreciate any and all help with this. Sorry for the novel, but was need to explain the whole problem. Kind of confusing when I read it.
Hope you get the idea/concept/problem.