HELP show the messages in descending order

hi, I cannot show the new messages in the first place in this book of visits .help please. thanks



//No need to edit anything below here.
if (!isset($name) || !isset($email) || !isset($message) || empty($name) || empty($email) || empty($message)) {
print "&result=Fail";
print "&errorMsg=" . urlencode("Input required for all fields.");

$email = strtolower($email);

addentry($name, $email, $website, $message);

function addentry($name, $email, $website, $message) {

$posted = strftime("%D %I:%M %p");

$message = stripslashes($message);

$file = fopen('entry.txt', 'a+');

if (!$file) {
print "&result=Fail";
print "&errorMsg=" . urlencode("Could not open entry.txt file. Change CHMOD levels to 766.");
fputs($file, "<font color=\"#11396D\">Name:</font> $name
<font color=\"#11396D\">Email:</font><font color=\"#666666\"><A href=\"mailto:$email\"> $email</A></font><br>
<font color=\"#11396D\">Website:</font><font color=\"#666666\"><A href=\"http://$website\"target=\"_blank\"> $website</A></font><br>
<font color=\"#11396D\">Posted:</font> $posted
<font color=\"#11396D\">Message:</font> $message


// Send admin an email when new entry occurs
mailAdmin($name, $email, $website, $message);

function mailAdmin($name, $email, $website, $message) {
    $mailTo = "[email protected]";
    $mailFrom = "From: <[email protected]>";
    $mailSubject = "New Guestbook Entry";
    $mailBody = "A visitor to your site has left the following information in your guestbook:

    Name: $name
    Email: $email
    Website: $website
    The visitor commented:
    You can view the message at:";
    mail($mailTo, $mailSubject, $mailBody, $mailFrom);
    mail($email, "Your Subject", "Thank you message", "From: [email protected]");

print "&result=okay";