Help - simple question!

Hi to all.

I am having a hard time trying to solve some simple issue.

I created a movieclip in my library (mc1) and that moviecplip has 1 movieclip (mc2) and 1 dynamic textbox inside it (text1);

When I add it to the stage using this:

var mc_test:new mc1 = new mc1();
mc_test.text1.text= “this is a test”; = “my_movieclip”

It perfectly acess the text and and changes it. The problem I am having is trying to change it later on the program. I tried the following but it keeps giving me an error:

stage.getChildByName(‘my_movieclip’).text1 = “new test”;

(the mc1 is properly linked for actionscript…)

Thanks for any help.