HELP - Smoothness Transitions & Timing


Am new here, this forums seems quite good. I am also fairly new to flash as I have only done about 4 splashes/intros so far using MX 2004 on a MAC.

I am doing a Flash ‘Intro’ for a client HolonicsNov 15-06.swf (Swf file attached with ImageShack toolbar File hosting?? I hope!) I seems to be having trouble attaching this file which is quite essential to this message - Hope it comes through!

This Flash is based on an 8-page brochure that I designed for them before starting the flash. They really liked the brochure.

First of all, the client/company wants this as an intro to their HTML site. They gave me a detailed story board. The contact/client is somewhat of a powerpoint power user so they do have some experience/sense here. After I started the flash, Not really knowing what was involved or how long it would take to show all the information they wanted to get across, they said they did not want it to excede 20 seconds. (Way too long for an intro) I suggested using the branding part at the end of the flash for an intro and using the whole flash as a movie inside their site-on their home page. They want it altogether at this stage. The client is now willing to add some time onto the movie to make it flow better and read better. They are trying tell their viewers things with the graphics coming together etc.

Here is the question:
Is there a way (through transitions etc) to make this flash more smooth - less choppy and more readable/understandable while keeping it at 20 seconds. I am mostly using tweening with alpha dissolves etc. and overlaping things as much as possible. Being relatively new at this I feel that adding time is the only way to fix this. What do you think? I’ve lost my objectivity!

The client ‘seems’ to be hinting at the fact that the lack of smoothness is mostly technical on my part as where I think it needs more stretching or time on the timeline.

It is also very obvious to me that the average viewer will not be able to read, absorb or follow it as it is.

I am also not getting paid a lot for this as I am trying to use this as a learning experience and trying to be patient.

Please be honest but gentle in your comments!

Thanks in advance for any help!