Help: song preloader in XML music player (MX)

Hey all

I have attached an FLA (MX) of an XML music player I am working on. I did not create the music player, but have been tweaking it.

Basically, I just want a preloader of some kind (any kind!) to indicate that a song is being loaded when a user clicks on a track. As it is now, there is nothing to indicate this, and so it seems to the user that the music player has locked up. I don’t care if it’s a percentage bar or simply the word “loading” blinking on and off.

I have dug around the code and it seems that there is a preloading component in place (
“player” movieclip, actions layer, frame 3), but for whatever reason it’s not working. And I am not too sharp with AS, so I am not sure where to start to begin making a new one (or fixing what is there).

I was having trouble with attachments, so here is the FLA to download in case the other doesnt work:

Any help is appreciated.